Marketing Application Trifold

The tri-fold Brochure is the workhorse of any marketing campaign. It’s a 6 panel long design that provides with a front cover, 4 inner panels for content and a back cover for contact information. The 4 inner panels provide room for condensed information on your strong points and reinforce them with powerful aesthetics and visuals.

Since the brochure will be your point of entry or visual aid, there is no need to go all out on information. The idea is to entice your prospects while peaking their interest so that they reach you for their project or purchase. A good trifold design will usually be more graphic oriented. That is to say going for bullet points and images instead of long paragraphs and explanations. Including a few testimonials to ensure that, your prospects know what your clients think of their experience with you.

Going back to the design features, the Z-fold or Tri-fold is a compact design made to be portable. It was conceived to be easy carry and keep at hand as opposed to bulkier designs that way your prospects carry your company home with them. It’s meant to be a high impact opening salvo for marketing interactions appealing mainly to their sight and in the case of printed versions to the touch due to the stock used. A high quality and thick stock will transmit a sense of security when in the hands of those who are yet to experience their first time working with your company. It’s also a great idea to go for a large version of the tri-fold design to increase the shock & awe factor of your marketing salvo while getting additional space per section.

The Tri-fold is reliable design in terms of space, and visual appeal. It’s a presentation with a level of formality that allows for day-to-day use (hand out at street level; a digital version posted for download or to be sent over emails) as well as in a business meeting with the decision makers. Its ideal as a standalone piece or as part of a sales/marketing package.

In all the Tri-fold is a great follow up after a meeting for your prospects to keep or carry home. Its reliable marketing workhorse that works well by itself but also great as a team player with your other sales package elements. Finally, it’s an ageless format and when paired with professional design becomes a trustworthy marketing tool that can weather the years.