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Brochures YES or NO?

Such question needs not to be made. The answer is a definite YES.  Any business, be it physical or virtual requires an anchor point to build their corporate image. The anchor will consist of three interconnected items making the strongest and most reliable structure, a triangle. Our marketing triangle will be made by the branding (company name & logo), the website and the brochure. Any missing item and the structure falls apart.

Let’s focus on the brochure for the moment, it’s a condensed presentation of your business. Depending on the message, you want to deliver to your prospects the brochures will be divide in the following mayor types:

Such presentations include text and powerful visuals along the branding items and images to create a sense of wholeness and integration that reinforces the corporate image. This bring about the needed repetition required to influence your costumers’ subconscious to do business with you.
In all having a physical establishment or a digital one you need to attract your customers to your business be it by handing out printed copies or lightweight digital files over email or download links. It’s a necessity to have a ready-made & concise presentation for your prospects to keep and through it to remember doing business with you.

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